Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kinda Dissapointed...

Do you know that Mysterious Map Marvels has a forum? Well, although I like their Jurassic Park Pack, I kind of don't like the forum. Too many strict rules. I also think it's selfish that they don't accept new people to their team.

So, here's what I would do if I organized my own team with its own forum:

1. Basically, it is much less strict than the MMM forum, and guests (who would be called "Time Travelers," with their name being entitled "Anonymous") could be allowed to post, but I would delete, or in some cases, edit comments made by spammers.

2. In the MMM forums, there were certain rules that didn't really apply to me, like "not asking release dates" or "not requesting anything," because if you did, you would get a warning. If you do that three more times, you're out permanently. If I created my own forum, however, most of the thing changes. It would be like, "Don't bother asking release dates, because we won't answer until we know for sure. If you ask for them, you won't get a warning, your comment will just get deleted." Also, for the requesting thing, I would put up one article about one upcoming thing, and another for requesting objects, maps, and animals for the one after that upcoming thing. The expire date: whenever the upcoming expansion comes out. On MMM, there was once a pack that was called Awesome Avians, but two members left the team, and it was canceled. One member on the forum opened a topic and wanted the pack out, but an MMM member said something then shut it down. Not the best way to reply, so for me that proves that the members of MMM may be one of the best skinners, meshers, coders, etc. of the Zoo Tycoon Community, but not one of the friendliest.

3. I've noticed a lot of unfriendly behavior going on between the official members of MMM (who work on expansions) and the members of those in the forums. Today, while I looked in the Cretaceous Calamity article, one of the members of MMM said to a guy in the forum: "Shut up." That got me in a pretty aggressive mood. If I was a member of the forum, that would put me in a defensive mood. If I was a member of the MMM team, that would put me in overdrive. In my forum, however, things would change. If a member of my team said something mean to a member in a forum, I would give him a warning. A second time, a 30-day moderation. And the third, the team member would suffer a permanent ban from the team. You might think that's harsh, but there are still a few disadvantages for the forum members that would lead them to a similar fate, but with four warnings, not three. Some of these factors: bad username, cussing, rude or mean behavior, and calling people names. But also, unlike other expansion makers, where people have had fights over the months or years, I would try to keep peace to the team.

4. I would accept all membership, or at least helper requests to the team. Then expansions would go quicker. But if any hacking occurred, the team member would be banned, or in some cases, demoted to member of forum.

Bottom line, my forum would be more, well, non-strict than the MMM one. So if any Mysterious Map Marvels team members comes by, READ THIS!!!

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