Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another Dream of Mine

Well, somehow, I feel like switching from Jurassic Park to the Cretaceous period. Speaking of which - you got it - Mysterious Map Marvels' expansion pack (trumpet music) CRETACEOUS CALAMITY!!! There will be a lot of dinosaurs in this pack, so I'm really anticipating it, as with everyone else. Especially people in Zoo Tycoon Volcano. In fact, did you know that Zooasaurus Rex, the Volcano's leader, used to be a member of Mysterious Map Marvels? Well, he was (pretty obviously) not leader of the team (that title belongs to DragonGod, aka Incinerox), but he's still pretty famous. Like in September 2nd, 2008, when this dope named Hero dropped in and, somehow, demoted Zooasaurus Rex so he could be leader. Hero said that he'd make ZTV 'a better place' by 'starting all over'. Soon, he started demoting most administrators on ZTV. Luckily, although Zooasaurus was down, he was not out. He guessed the password of this loser, and succeeded! (The password, by the way, was Hero, big surprise.) Hero was gone, and Zoo Tycoon Volcano was restored to its former self in no time. [NOTE: this was typed BEFORE I found out that Zooasaurus Rex HIMSELF was responsible for this, in order to gain attention (he admitted he hacked his own forum several times to gain attention, and it looks like the whole 'Hero' thing was no different). Shouldn't that be easy, because Zooasaurus IS the leader?]

But anyway, back to why I made this post. Well, Cretaceous Calamity gave me a few ideas for my own pack. Okay, it gave me a BIG idea for my own pack. I don't know about you guys, but I think it do you say more exciting than Cretaceous Calamity. It would be called Cretaceous Corral. I named it after a cheat in the original Zoo Tycoon (Dinosaur Digs, to be exact), which would unlock a Triceratops for adoption.

Well, part one would have three maps: Early Cretaceous Utah, Early Cretaceous Young Atlantic Ocean 1, and Early Cretaceous Young Atlantic Ocean 2. The two Young Atlantic Ocean Parts take place on either side of the Young North Atlantic. Map 1 takes place in North America, map 2 in Europe. They are based on Walking with Dinosaurs episode 4, "Giant of the Skies," and so are the animals, which we'll talk about later. The other map, in Utah, is based on episode 8 of Jurassic Fight Club, which is a fight between a Utahraptor and a Gastonia. Now for the animals: well, you obviously heard about the fight between Utahraptor and Gastonia I mentioned earlier. So you probably think that the pack will have Gastonia, as well as a new version of Utahraptor. And you are 100% right! The Gastonia will have the JFC skin, maybe the sounds, but Utahraptor will be different. It won't be the Walking with Dinosaurs version, eitheir. Rather, it would have the same sounds as the first Zoo Tycoon 2 Utahraptor. And it would be covered in feathers, colored the same as a Wikipedia artist's impression, which you can see on the profile picture of Wikipedia's Utahraptor page. The other animals, from Walking with Dinosaurs, are Ornithocheirus, Iguanodon, Polacanthus, Plesiopleurodon, and Tapejara.

Part two takes place again in the Early Cretaceous, but this time, about 2 million years after part one. That puts it at 125 million years ago. There would be only one map: Early Cretaceous China, which is the setting of Prehistoric Park episode 3: "Dinobirds." There are five dinosaurs: two titanosaurs (one of which could be the titanosaur species in Prehistoric Park), Jiangshanosaurus and Borealosaurus. The three others are Incisivosaurus, Mei Long, and Microraptor. There's also a pterosaur: Eosipterus.

Part three, which takes place 110 million years ago, has two maps: Early Cretaceous Oklahoma, and Early Cretaceous Argentina. Dinosaurs are: Acrocanthosaurus, Argentinosaurus, a new version of Carnotaurus, a new and feathered version of Deinonychus, Sauroposeidon, and Tenontosaurus. There will also be a few South American dinosaurs from National Geographic's Dino Death Trap, but I can't remember their names. But, from a Walking With Dinosaurs special, Chased by Dinosaurs, there's Giganotosaurus and Pteranodon.

Part four takes place 106 million years ago, with only one map: Antarctica/Austrailia Seperation Area. The animals: Leaellynasaura, Muttaburasaurus, Koolasuchus, even the dwarf/polar allosaur in Walking with Dinosaurs episode 5: "Spirits of the Ice Forest."

Part five, in the end of the Early Cretaceous (100 million years ago), we have two maps of Egypt and Niger, and those two places are the home of some Cretaceous giants. We have the big sauropod Aegyptosaurus, the huge shark-toothed predator Carcharodontosaurus, the big but swift Deltadromeus, another sauropod called Nigersaurus, yet another sauropod called Paralititan, the crocodile Sarcosuchus, the sailed terror Spinosaurus, and the fish-eater Suchomimus.

After part five, stage one (the Early Cretaceous) is complete. Now for some...(drum roll)...BONUS DOWNLOADS!!! First of all, we have some herbivorous American neighbors, Nothronychus and Zuniceratops (both of their skins are from When Dinosaurs Roamed America), then we have a fish-eating carnivore from Europe. Presenting: Bayronyx! After these guys are published, the pack would move on to production stage two (the Late Cretaceous). First off, we have...

Part six, 80-70 million years ago. Welcome to the maps here, a new and larger version of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, and a few others of the same location, based on Chased by Dinosaurs. The first map of Cretaceous Corral is based on Dinosaur Planet episode 1: "White Tip's Journey." Here, there are more predators than prey, so watch your back. Animals we have: the egg raider (?) Oviraptor, the headbutting Prenocephale, the ceratopsian Protoceratops, the bug-eating Shuuvia, and a new version of the pack-hunting predator Velociraptor. And from Chased by Dinosaurs, there's Mononykus, Saurolophus, Tarbosaurus, and Therizinosaurus.

Part seven, again 80 million years ago. The two maps here are Late Cretaceous Southern Europe, and the island of dwarfs, Hateg Island. Both of these are based on Dinosaur Planet episode 2, "Pod's Travels." The animals here: the crocidile ancestor Allodaposuchus, the titanosaur Ampelosaurus, the seabird Ichthyornis, the pint-sized sauropod Magyarosaurus, Pyroraptor, the dwarf Pyroraptor, the possible missing link between hypsilophodonts and iguanodonts Rhabdodon, Tarascosaurus, the dwarf Tarascosaurus, and the dwarf Troodon.

Part eight, once again 80 million years ago. Say hello to Late Cretaceous Patagonia, the only map on this part of Cretaceous Corral! It's based on Dinosaur Planet episode 4, "Alpha's Egg." The animals here: the small carnivore that preys on huge dinos' babies, Alvarezsaurus. Next up, the medium-sized carnivore Aucasaurus. Also, we have the terrestrial crocidilian with a strong bite, Notosuchus. Don't forget the armored sauropod Saltasaurus, too!

Part nine, moving ahead 5 million years, takes place in the four maps: Late Cretaceous Montana 1 lowlands, Late Cretaceous Montana 1 highlands, Late Cretaceous Texas, and Late Cretaceous Alberta. The Montana maps are based on locations in Dinosaur Planet episode 3: "Little Das' Hunt," while the Alberta map is based on the Albertosaurus vs. Pachyrhinosaurus fight setting on Jurassic Fight Club episode 10: "River of Death." The Texas map is based on Prehistoric Park episode 6: "Supercroc." The animals here are Albertosaurus, Daspletosaurus, Deinosuchus, Einiosaurus, Maiasaura, Nyctosaurus, Orodromeus, Pachyrhinosaurus (the true version, not the JFC version with the false rhinoceros-like horn) Parasaurolophus, and Troodon. There could also be a Corythosaurus and a Euoplocephalus, as well as a new version of Styracosaurus that would override the original.

Between part nine and part ten (part ten is the last part), there's a bonus download of both a dinosaur AND a map! The map: Late Cretaceous Madagascar. The dinosaur: Majungasaurus. In fact, the Majungasaurus would be the JFC version of their Majungatholus (which turned out to be a junior synonym of Majungasaurus).

Now, onto part ten. The finale to this epic pack. Multiple maps of Late Cretaceous Montana 2, 65 million years ago, and ten million years after the hunt for Deinosuchus. Ten million years after the fight at the river. Ten million years after Little Das' hunt, and ten million years after the volcano eruption that took out a lot of dinosaurs in the lowlands and highlands of Late Cretaceous Montana 1, including Maiasaura Buck, his playmate Blaze, and his nemesis Das.
These multiple maps of one location are based on several locations by TV shows previously mentioned (except Dinosaur Planet), and so are the animals. Walking with Dinosaurs, Prehistoric Park, When Dinosaurs Roamed America, and Jurassic Fight Club. Animals: Anatotitan, a new version of Ankylosaurus, Dromaeosaurus, Edmontosaurus, Nanotyrannus, Ornithomimus (looking like the Prehistoric Park version, but with feathers coloring it, not skin), Pachycephalosaurus, Quetzalcoatlus, Struthiomimus (feathered like Ornithomimus), Stygimoloch, Torosaurus, a new version of Triceratops, and a new version of the ever so famous Tyrannosaurus rex.

Holy cats, I can't believe I wrote that all! It took me a morning and a long afternoon to make. Well, finally I'm done.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Own Dream...

You know how I mentioned earlier how I said if I had my own expansion team? Well, that's gotten me into big thinking right there. It would make expansions, mods, etc. for my favorite games (which I can't all put on this single computer at the same time, unless I don't have some of them): the Zoo Tycoon franchise; the RollerCoaster Tycoon franchise; the Quality Simulations games (Virtual Sailor, Micro Flight, and Vehicle Simulator); the Ship Simulator series; Microsoft Flight Simulator 7, 8, 9, and 10; Orbiter Space Flight Simulator, and Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis. This would be called the Area 51 Xpansion Team.

Well, here's a Zoo Tycoon expansion that I would be thinking about for this nonexistent expansion team. You see, I have recently gotten back into dinosaurs from ships and boats and airplanes. I have been on Jurassic Park Legacy very frequently, and I was daydreaming about making this Jurassic Park expansion for Zoo Tycoon, that would feature all dinosaurs that Jurassic Park Legacy has ever recorded, and not just those notable in the films. Within the weeks, I decided this dream pack would have six parts. Part one would be on Isla Nublar, showing all the creatures of Jurassic Park itself. In addition to Tyrannosaurus and Dilophosaurus and Triceratops, other dinosaurs there included Baryonyx, Compsognathus, Herrerasaurus, Proceratosaurus, Metriacanthosaurus, and Segisaurus, as well as Pteranodon longiceps. Also, a mod would keep all those dinosaurs on the female gender.

The next part of the pack is Isla Sorna, which would have all the other movie dinosaurs, as well as debated dinosaurs. These dinosaurs include Anatotitan, Apatosaurus, Hadrosaurus, Leptoceratops, Maiasaura, and Muttaburasaurus, as well as two other species of Pteranodon: P. longiceps "hippocratesi" and P. sternbergi. Also, the male dinosaur option would become available.

The third part, moving onto Isla Matanceros (part of the fictional Las Cinco Murtes, or "The Five Deaths," where Isla Sorna is also located within), would have all the novel dinosaurs, like the camouflaged Carnotaurus, Othnelia, and other ones I can't name.

The fourth part, in Isla Muerta (again part of Las Cinco Murtes), all the Jurassic Park comic dinosaurs would be brought into the Zoo Tycoon world. I also figured out that there are three unknown species in the comics: an unknown ornithopod, an unknown pterosaur, and an unknown sauropod. Well, here's what I think about these three guys. The ornithopod would be identified as a Camptosaurus for me, and it could be unlocked as a 2-star fossil you could assemble at the Extinct Research Lab in Zoo Tycoon 2, or as a 2-star unlocked species at Campaign mode. This would be the same for the sauropod (Diplodocus), but with a 4-star rating. As for the pterosaur, Pterodactylus, it would be one that would occasionally fly overhead, only on the Isla Muerta map.

The fith part, Isla Pena (once again part of Las Cinco Murtes), would have all the new Novelette dinosaurs: the non-camouflaged Carnotaurus, Datousaurus, and the real Velociraptor mongoliensis (that was not hybrided with Deinonychus like its two different counterparts, V. "antirrhopus nublarensis" and V. "antirrhopus sornaensis"). With the lack of dinosaurs, the current ones could be improved as much as possible, for an excuse.

And the sixth and final one, Isla Tacano (yet again part of Las Cinco Murtes), would have all the Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis dinosaurs not yet in any of the parts, like Dryosaurus, Homalocephale, Kentrosaurus, Torosaurus, Albertosaurus, Acrocanthosaurus, Allosaurus, and Carcharodontosaurus.

Whew! That sure was a lot of stuff to say. But here's one thing my mind's kind of concerned about, and it's about Mysterious Map Marvels' Jurassic Park Pack (mostly part one, because it's obviously the only one published so far). They say that the dinosaurs look like, even sound like their movie counterparts. Well, here's one thing I have to say, and some of you might think I'm crazy or something: I DISAGREE!!! Yeah, I knew you thought I was crazy. But let me get into the details.

First of all, it's the general sounds of the dinos. The Gallimimus make no sound at all! Well, except when they're babies. But the adults make no sound! This is the same for the Parasaurolophus. I don't know about the babies, but the adult Paras make no sound! The Brachiosaurus, meanwhile, do make sound, but their sounds are unlike what I've heard in the first and third movies. I mean, they could have been taken from Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, but most of the content in that game is non-canon to the movies to me, even though I don't have the game (while I've seen YouTube videos). Next, we move to the Stegosaurus. They still sound like the original Stegos on Zoo Tycoon 2! I mean, nothing like the JPOG version, and certainly nothing like the films! And the Ceratosaurus, their sounds are from JPOG, but given the fact that the single Ceratosaurus from Jurassic Park /// made no sound but sniffs and growls, I guess I could call that canon. In fact, unless the skin of the Ceratosaurus was taken from JPOG, it could be the most canonical dinosaur of Jurassic Park Pack part one (except the fingers, which are still two fingers, when there should be four), so let's not worry about it anymore. Next we have the Spinosaurus and Tyrannosaurus. These two ever death-dueling dinosaurs have some canon in their roars and growls, so this is probably the most canonical feature of these dinosaurs.

Next, we have the skins of the dinosaurs. The Brachiosaurus skins were what I've seen in the films, especially the difference of color in their gender (females are brown, males are light green with slightly darker green stripes, and a red head), so I call it canon. Now the Gallimimus is where the confusion begins. The male Gallimimus skin is taken right from JPOG (which I have serious doubts is canon, because of Jurassic Park Legacy), and the females have the same color, but duller. And the babies are very dull in color, like brownish-gray with black stripes on top. Next, we have the Stegosaurus, which is more confusing than the Gallmimus. The female Stego skin I can't tell if it's from the movies or JPOG, but the male Stego is even more confusing. He has, if I can remember, purple skin! I ask myself this several times a minute without an answer: where did Mysterious Map Marvels get that weird idea? (However, I saw that a patch that goes over JPP part one that listed a solution to a lot of bugs and probelms. One of them was called 'Stegosaurus coloration'. I don't know what it does, but I made a mental note to try and download it.) Also note that the Stegosaurus in The Lost World: Jurassic Park are bigger than they're supposed to be (I think InGen bred them that way) Next up, the Parasaurolophus. The male skin seems canonical enough, but the female has the same thing, but duller! This is the case for the novelette version, but these are supposed to be from the movies. The female Para is said to be green and blue, with a lot of black stripes running down her torso. Also take note that the JP Pack Paras always stay on their hind feet, while they're really supposed to spend most time on all fours, rearing up on two only when to graze high branches and to run. Next up is the Spinosaurus, we have skins that are not from the movies, but from JPOG. They can also have light colored skin as a color variation, I think. I'll mark that part as non-canon. Also take note that the hands are still two fingers. As for the Tyrannosaurus, the female skin is okay, but the male skin, I'm pretty sure, is from JPOG, though I'm not certain. I don't know, actually. It could be the skin of the sub-adult male tyrannosaur that was slaughtered by the Spinosaurus in Jurassic Park ///.

And another concern is that, sometime after Cretaceous Calamity comes out, Jurassic Park Pack part two will come out. The only confirmed dinos are new versions of Triceratops and Ankylosaurus, and I have a feeling they're gonna get it wrong again. Also note that there could probably be Dilophosaurus, Compsognanthus, and perhaps all others in the films not in the first part (excluding both species of Pteranodon seen at the final scene of The Lost World and the bird cage part of Jurassic Park ///, as well as Mamenchisaurus). And here's my primary concern: Velociraptors. You see, there are two species of Velociraptor in all three films. The one in TLW was the same one seen in JP, and when you watch JP/// after that, the Velociraptors are strikingly different. Not just their colors, their behavior as well. Well, the names that JP Legacy gave them make sense, I guess. The word "antirrhopus" in both species' names means that they were hybrided with Deinonychus antirrhopus, which is why they're bigger than real life. And the last word in the species' names tells a lot. The one seen in JP and TLW was Velociraptor "antirrhopus nublarensis," and the one in JP/// was Velociraptor "antirrhopus sornaensis." JP Legacy came up with a theroy that the Raptors in the third movie were the first attempt to genetically make Velociraptors for the tourists, but these guys proved too dangerous to take to Isla Nublar, where Jurassic Park was at, so they stayed on Isla Sorna. The second attempt was a success; V. nublarensis lived on both Isla Sorna and Isla Nublar. And what I'm afraid about is that Mysterious Map Marvels might think there is only one Velociraptor species. SO CAUTION: Jurassic Park Pack content may not be canonical, maybe not as canonical as you'd like.

So, that's my entry. It took an afternoon and a morning to make, by the way. Plus, edits are frequently going on, so you won't be surprised to see changes from when you last read (that is, if anyone's out there).