Thursday, September 10, 2009

Future Plans for A51XT

So, you've heard about my fantasy expansion team which one day I plan to become a reality in one of the three texts to the right, huh? Well, if you did, I would love to discuss my future plans for this expansion team, called the Area 51 Xpansion Team.

Starting before the beginning, I sure would love to learn to become an expert object creator, skinner, mesher, coder, and webmaster (which I have zero experience at now, I'm only good at being a researcher, which could be a valid position in about any expansion team, but I've never made it onto an expansion team before). So, anyway, the A51XT would be born where a lot of Zoo Tycoon expansion teams have been born: the infamous and successful Zoo Tycoon Volcano. But before that, I want to bring up another highlighted thing I've been thinking about: a partner. An assistant. An apprentice. You see, I would find an amateur skinner, mesher, or coder and take him or her under my wing, and teach them how to skin, mesh, code, and create, as well as being a good webmaster, until he or she could be my official partner, helping me with every project. Then, of course, A51XT's possible birth and early life moves on.

In the beginning, with the probable partner's help, I would create the first of the Area 51 Xpansion Team. It would be a small group at first, only existing on the Volcano. Then, after reaching 5 members, the team would begin its immigration into the new home site. It would be until reaching 10 members that the site and team would depend on support from the Volcano. Then, after the tenth member, the team is fully independent from Zoo Tycoon Volcano. Then, we would begin discussing pack ideas (which I have oodles of) on its own non-strict forum mentioned earlier in the posts, or in a special team chat room. Next part!

I have a special idea for a first pack. First of all, you probably know about the first Zoo Tycoon's expansion pack, Dinosaur Digs. Well, if you have, then, you've probably heard of BlackRhinoRanger's idea to make a second Dinosaur Digs for Zoo Tycoon 2. He was not able to do something well, so he gave up the idea. Later, the now gone User eXpansion Team (UXT) had an idea for a second-attempt Dinosaur Digs, but, with an even greater idea, they cancelled it and merged it with that greater idea, Reptile Rage, which, sadly, was cancelled too, because of the breaking up of team members (so one of the prime goals of the A51XT would be to give a lot of cancelled packs made from other users and expansion teams another chance). With both versions of Dinosaur Digs 2 shot down in flames, the Area 51 Xpansion Team would give it a last ditch effort to make it to the Zoo Tycoon 2 world. In Dinosaur Digs 2 version 3, the animals and other objects would be mostly the same thing as the original Dinosaur Digs, with a few modifications. For example, in Dinosaur Digs 1, the Allosaurus was skinned by Zoo Tycoon designers without being based on anything that I know of, and its biome is Tropical Rainforest. For Dinosaur Digs 2, however, the Allosaurus skin would be from the Walking with Dinosaurs version (and, unlike the Zoo Tycoon Volcano exclusive download, which seems to be made from a Carnotaurus, mine would be made from Tyrannosaurus rex, with, aside from a re-skin and a possible slight mesh, would go under a few modifications like longer arms that exhibit three fingers, added crests, and a shorter size than T. rex), and its biome would be boreal forest. Now, let's get onto the next part of A51XT's possible life.

So, I would think about adopting another expansion team's cancelled pack to give another chance. First one would be either be one of User eXpansion Team's two cancelled packs, the major hit never released, Reptile Rage; or the minor pack that was supposed to come out after Reptile Rage, called Isla Diablo, which I don't know much about. Another option for giving a second chance would be Mysterious Map Marvels' Awesome Avians pack, which is still under the possibility of being released by MMM, but is extremely unlikely. The reason for Awesome Avians' cancellation is because of an argument that caused Simba, one of the team's members, to leave, so they cancelled it. One of the things that it may have had was custom-made aviaries and birds that behaved like their real life counterparts, and I mean, if A51XT could give it a second chance and succeed, that'd be really cool. But, of course, the team would have its own ideas too that were not from another expansion team. For example, I have been thinking of three expansion packs, one of which is similar in a few ways to Cretaceous Calamity, but divided into parts and from the Jurassic Period. The other two would be based mostly on Walking with Beasts and Walking with Monsters, before and after the dinosaurs.

So, who knows about the pretty distant future of the A51XT in about, oh...2020-2025? I'd estimate that the team would be formed by 2015. By 2020, it may assist other favorite games of mine, like the RollerCoaster Tycoon franchise, the Ship Simulator series, Quality Simulations' productions (Virtual Sailor, Vehicle Simulator, Micro Flight), Microsoft Flight Simulator versions 7-10, Orbiter Space Flight Simulator, and Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis.

Well, I hope you enjoyed me telling you about the possible future of the Area 51 Xpansion Team!

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