Wednesday, November 25, 2009

On and Off

Well, I got two reasons to post this: number one, the more simpler part. I got Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis recently, and a couple weeks after downloaded Jurassic Park Legacy's Film Canon Mod 2.0, and it works awesome! And I'm turned off with Zoo Tycoon but I might go to on later on. Now, for the more complex part, and it's considered good news. I was just checking out the forum (which is down) and it seemed like Cretaceous Calamity wasn't cancelled at all, but rather 'on hold,' meaning that the project could go on again! But there was something else: a brand new, secret project!

I'm excited for this, but I'm also a bit disappointed. I was kind of looking forward to Jurassic Park Pack part 2 to come out. And if I could connect this to the Film Canon Mod, I was thinking about making the dinosaurs on them more realistic (the correct number of fingers on Spinosaurus and Ceratosaurus for example, or give them sound) and make them truly film canon (skins, sounds, and possibly behavior). But I have no experience at that.

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