Monday, April 19, 2010

Final Plans for Cretaceous Corral part 1

Okay, before I start on the final plans for Cretaceous Corral, I would like to straighten out things before people start complaining. First of all, if you say, "You copied this from Cretaceous Calamity!" or something like that, I will say, "It was only my inspiration from Cretaceous Calamity," because there are a lot of noticeable differences between C. Corral and C. Calamity: C. Corral has more animals and maps, and is divided into parts while C. Calamity is a singular expansion pack (unless someone from Mysterious Map Marvels goes along with my suggestion to divide C. Calamity into parts).
Well, actually, that first part on differences is the only part, plan time!

Time: 127 million years ago

Maps: Early Cretaceous Argentina, Early Cretaceous Brazil, Early Cretaceous North American Atlantic Coast, Early Cretaceous Spain, Early Cretaceous England, Early Cretaceous Utah

Animals (and shows based on)

Utahraptor (based on the drawing by Wikipedia user ArthurWeasely, who granted permission to copy in the copyright notice, so it seems okay to use it as the re-skin of Utahraptor for Zoo Tycoon 2)
Iguanodon (Walking with Dinosaurs)
Polacanthus (Walking with Dinosaurs)
Argentinosaurus (Chased by Dinosaurs)
Giganotosaurus (Chased by Dinosaurs)
Macrogryphosaurus (Chased by Dinosaurs)
Gastonia (Jurassic Fight Club)
Amargasaurus (based on picture from National Geographic magazine)

Other animals:
Ornithocheirus (Walking with Dinosaurs/Chased by Dinosaurs)
Tapejara (Walking with Dinosaurs)
Pteranodon (Chased by Dinosaurs)
Plesiopleurodon (Walking with Dinosaurs)
Iberomesornis (Walking with Dinosaurs)

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