Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm ON Again!

Well, the previous post was right. Despite about 5 months of rarely playing Zoo Tycoon, I never uninstalled it, and now I'm back on!

Well, I've been having occasional shivers that tell me that I HAVE to join the Zoo Tycoon Community, despite having no experience at skinning, meshing, or coding. But there's a couple of problems. Because I have no experience at the stuff that I mentioned before, I might feel left out. Worse still, the computer I'm on DOESN'T have Autodesk 3ds Max, although there is a place I know of (won't mention it directly) that I can supposedly mesh animals. (Yes, I said 'supposedly' because I have serious doubts I will EVER be able to mesh as good as the awesome meshers like Simba and a few others I don't know the names of.)

I do, however, have a simple but well-thought plan:
  1. Learn to resize;
  2. Learn to code;
  3. Learn to skin;
  4. Learn to mesh;
  5. (If possible) Learn to animate animals better, repositioning body parts, etc.;
If my guesses are correct, resizing will be the easiest of all six steps (my money's on this, by the way, LOL). All you have to do, I believe, is just take an animal - Tyrannosaurus rex, for example - and then make it smaller or bigger.

I think the second easiest will be coding, as it doesn't really affect the looks of the T. rex I mentioned before, but rather, affect its actions. It seems like Mysterious Map Marvels and an unknown Zoo Tycoon designer used coding to make dinosaur death duels possible for Zoo Tycoon 2, so it sounds like the easiest thing to do, aside from resizing (then again, I could be wrong).

I'm guessing that the 3rd easiest of them all will be skinning. I'm not that good of an artist, not even on a computer (then again, you can do a lot of stuff on a computer), so that could be a bit of a handicap for me. Let's take that T. rex and use the resizing thing to make it smaller, skin it like the Nanotyrannus from Jurassic Fight Club, and then change its name to Nanotyrannus.

Next up, meshing. One of the big handicaps I have for meshing is that I'll have to get out of my house and go to that place I mentioned before that has Autodesk 3ds Max, since my computer doesn't have it, so while I won't be able to mesh very efficiently as people who have 3ds Max on their home computers, it won't be impossible. As you good Zoo Tycoon designers know, meshing is the art of texture (and, sadly, there are only specific animals from Zoo Tycoon 2 you can mesh without difficulty, one of which being Tyrannosaurus rex and I think all the other animals that were in Dino Danger Pack).

The fifth and first of my "unconfirmed-to-be-possible" steps is about repositioning body parts of an animal and animations. The first of these two, repositioning body parts, was based on a few facts I learned on Jurassic Fight Club, to support that Nanotyrannus was a separate genus from Tyrannosaurus (and not a juvenile of Tyrannosaurus), one of which being a different neck position. The second part of step five is animation. I was inspired from this part when Black Rhino Ranger made the fifth episode of his Zoo Tycoon 2: Prehistoric Park series. One user asked why he hadn't included an Arthropleura, and BBR responded, saying that it would take a lot of animation. I figured that some animation would be easy, such as making an animal's eyes blink. But others, such as the Arthropleura's animation, would be difficult, and I'm not sure if part five would be partially possible, let alone totally. If that's the case, it's bye-bye to step six, making new animals from scratch, and I have even more doubts about that, even if step five is totally possible.

Well, now I'm going to go over the basics of coding, skinning, and meshing on the Zoo Tycoon Wiki now. Wish me luck on being a good Zoo Tycoon designer in the future (if I'm ever)!

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