Saturday, April 10, 2010

An Opinion About Cretaceous Calamity

I have an opinion on Cretaceous Calamity:

While I do agree that it is unfair to criticize unfinished work, I still think it would have been possible to finish Cretaceous Calamity, just without the things that would have made it complicated to complete. Those issues can be solved later, right?

And like I said, I agree it is unfair to criticize unfinished work like Cretaceous Calamity, but I also think it is unfair to just cancel the entire pack with only complications in the way.

I also think that, if Cretaceous Calamity work continues at some point, it would be easier if they would divide it into parts, like their previous Jurassic Park Pack (part one is the only part released), or my very own dream pack, Cretaceous Corral. (Speaking of which, remember when I said I was thinking about merging it with Cretaceous Calamity? Well, after reading Mysterious Map Marvel's copyright notice, I'll definitely keep them separate.) That way, everyone is happy with their parts while waiting for the next part.

In conclusion, I don't think it's fair for Mysterious Map Marvels to cancel Cretaceous Calamity as a whole due to "complications arising from unfinished content," as JVM said. I think they could have just finished the things they could have and leave the complications out or deal with them later. Or, like I said, divide everything into parts.


  1. Oh, right. On hold. I forgot about that. Well, if work does continue on Cretaceous Calamity, I would suggest dividing it into parts, so at least 50% (I'm betting) will be happy with the current part.